OMNI 128HQ laptop


Unique retro computer laptop set based on New Harlequin board from Super Fo with::


  • 128K ram
  • integrated divMMC double SD card interface -SD card formated by FAT 32 cluster size 4096.
  • two joystick 9 pin ports - rear joystick sinclair 56780, front joystick kempston
  • RGB out
  • Composite out
  • HDMI option - not active at the moment. RGB to HDMI adapter can be used.
  • power button
  • reset switch button
  • battery option - 2X 18650 3400mAh 3,7v Rechargeable Lion Battery


retroradionics omni 128 hq

Current lead time:


Please take note that the lead-time for production of OMNI HQ128 laptop is 60 days at the moment. We are trying to process a large amount of orders, and as every piece is assembled by hand, it can take some time to complete each order. We are doing the best we can to speed up the process and delivery times, so please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information on lead times every week.​

retroradionics omni 128 hq laptop


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