Omni desktop and laptop sales stopped until all the outstanding orders are  shipped.

Dear friends, Due to high volume of orders we had to temporarily shut down the sale of Omni desktop, laptop and Omni cases.

We will continue the sales in about 60 days as soon as we assemble and ship all the outstanding orders we have at the moment.

There is a delay in shipping and assembly of Omni orders at this moment, and we are very thankful for your patience. We have technical issues with the assembly, and have decided to move on to the issue 3 board with turbo mode incorporated into Omni from now on. All the desktop and laptop orders that are outstanding at this moment will receive a new issue 3 board. Laptop orders will also have the new aluminum brackets.​

Thank you all for the patience and understanding. Please contact us trough our Contact page if you wish to have more information.

REVIEW and TEST - Brand New Multi-Coloured and Clear ZX Spectrum cases, Key Mats and Faceplates


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